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3-Ingredients: Protein strawberry 'milkshake' (without protein powder)

Updated: Jun 10, 2018

I used to make protein shakes with protein powder. But did you know you can use cottage cheese instead?

It gives it that ultimate, creamy 'milkhake'effect and a delicious, full flavor. The one below is my favorite. Perfect as a quick breakfast or a pre-workout.


200 g - 7 oz Cottage cheese (4 % milk fat)

250 ml - 8.5 fl oz Milk *of choice

200 - 250 g - 7 -8.8 oz Strawberries (fresh or frozen)

Optional: zero kcal sweetener to taste

*This depends on your macros and your preference, you can use (unsweetened) almond milk, soy milk or cow's milk for example.

Macros (with fat-free milk):

Protein: 34 gram

Fat: 8 gram

Carbohydrates: 41 gram

Energy: 396 kcal

Macros (with unsweetened almond milk):

Protein: 27 gram

Fat: 10 gram

Carbohydrates: 34 gram

Energy: 334 kcal


1. Combine the ingredients in a blender or use an immersion blender. Mix everything well.

2 . Add zero calorie sweetener (optional), extra water and/or ice cubes to taste.


  • If you make this ahead and store it in the fridge, stir it well before you drink it.

  • You can also add extra fruit, like a banana.


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