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Marion Christianen

3rd place Bodyfitness masters Dutch Championship 2018

A meal plan of Sanne is great. It aligned well with macros that I had for the Dutch Championship 2018.  After, she showed me how to start my lean bulking phase with little adjustments in my plan. The recipes are delicious, easy to prepare and are easily adjustable. I recommend Sanne also to my own clients who have trouble with finding good meals that fit into their macros.

Monica Cruz

NFF Master Bikini Pro

​Sanne's meal plans are new, tasty and filling! She knows how to fill your macro nutrient requirements with the foods you enjoy! As a natural bikini competitor with a full time job and 2 kids, there is hardly enough time to create a well balanced competition diet. I highly recommend Sanne and will definitely use her again!

Devin Ford

6x Crossfit regional athlete, CrossFit gym owner and creator of PerformaFuel Nutrition Coaching

"Sanne is an absolute lifesaver. I am a nutrition coach and even I have a hard time putting together meals that not only taste gourmet quality but are also super easy to prepare, have all the fiber, micronutrients, and fat balance that I need AND is actually very simple to prepare and cook, which is huge for me always being on the go. The price that I pay is absolutely NOTHING compared to the quality I get. I have gotten meal plans from her numerous times and will not be stopping any time soon."

Andrea Peristiani

Personal trainer. Lifestyle coach.

​"Working with Sanne has been an absolute joy! She is a true joy to work with! She brings her very best to every moment and is so supportive in every sense of the word. Sanne has helped me give structure to my meal plan and made sure that it was something that was doable for me both practically and financially. More importantly she took the time to help me refocus when I was stressed  and helped me bring more excitement in moments where I needed to bring excitement. She has helped me bring the best of me to  every situation. I would highly recommend her."

Chris Meulbroek

Personal trainer

​{..} I definitely recommend her as a coach because she not only makes a optimal diet that is delicious to eat, it also doesn't feel like dieting. Which makes it so easy to gain muscle mass without fat increases.

All the meals are easy to make and prepare. Alternatively, she can help you review your own meals if you want to and give you tips to make things better.

She likes to help you as a coach and listens carefully to your questions and tries to answer them as well as possible. Her advice is very helpfull and helps you to get a balanced lifestyle while you optimally perform in the gym. 

Julia Glenmark

Personal trainer, Bsc. App Sc Exercise & Sport Science.

"I was prepping for my first Bikini fitness show and I found it very difficult to create my own mealplan by counting macros. I am so happy that I hired Sanne to help me! She created really tasty meals for me that were both cheap and very filling, which made my prep much easier. I still use the recipes she made for me up to this date."

Evert Vrijhof

Online fitnesss coach. Personal trainer. Owner IJzersterk fitness.

​I recommend Sanne’s coaching for everyone who wants to reach their physical goals. With her coaching I get an optimized nutrition-and training program and extended advice on how to implement those into my lifestyle. Sanne is very result driven en compassionate, which makes it a real pleasure to work with her. Thanks for all the coaching so far. Let’s keep going!

Nick Dimas

Entrepeneur. Event manager.

​​Working with Sanne not only teaches me more about nutrition, but she does it so genuinely and with a fun and professional character.

Sometimes it even feels like she's right there beside you, encouraging you. Truly a one-of-a kind, compassionate, personable, intelligent, funny, and genuine woman. One of the most reassuring decisions I've made.

Victor Mooren

Personal trainer. Owner Recompzone. Co-owner SmartPT

​​"I'm very pleased with Sanne's services for optimizing the meal plan of my clients. She creates a healthy meal plan, that is easy to follow and very enjoyable. She has great recipes that are easy to make, yet healthy and tasty."

Børge A. Fagerli

International coach and fitness author. CEO and co-founder Cybernetic Fitness in Oslo, Norway.

​"I have been fortunate to enjoy Sanne’s cooking skills on several occasions when she came to visit me – and when I visit her, and can personally vouch for her cooking skills. In fact, my tummy rumbles just thinking of it now... I give Sanne my warmest and heartiest recommendations!"

Guy Droog

Personal trainer, Owner & head coach TeamDroog, Fitness author, Men's Health cover modell.

​I've known Sanne for years now and have enjoyed our co-operation since the very beginning. Sanne is easy to work with, adjusts well to any situation and, most importantly, delivers great, great work.

James McDonald

Former Professional Lacrosse player, NASM-certified Personal Trainer, NSCA-certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

​"Sanne's a rarity in her field. She combines a very research based approach with a laid back and healthy demeanor that makes her delightful to work with. She also practices what she preaches at the highest level from a nutrition and training perspective. I would recommend Sanne to athletes, fitness enthusiasts or folks that need to kick it in to high gear. She is phenomenal."

Dogan Tekin

Dutch powerlifting champion - 93 kg. Personal Trainer. Owner Perfect Performance.

"With the calories I was suppose to hit daily, I wasn’t creative enough to create my own mealplan that would be easy to follow. Next thing you know, your physical goals are impossible to hit. You don’t want that to happen. That’s where Sanne has been so important for me. She created a mealplan that was easy to follow, it was delicious and it was all so easy to make."

Allan Emmens

Personal Trainer. Owner Crossfit Herne in Germany.

​"I can't speak highly enough about Sanne Leenman. She not only brings the 'know-how' when working with our members, but is friendly and easy to talk to. In short, we feel like she is part of our team. Thank you Sanne!"

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