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Pizza burrito - high protein

Updated: May 22, 2019

I love Mexican food (Tex Mex bowl of awesomeness, yes!) It has often a great mix of authentic flavors and that nice little hit of spiciness. I also love pizza.

So combining those things only seems like the right thing.

Result? Super easy, delicious pizza burritos that can be prepared in one pan and that are high in protein.

They're so good right out of the pan, but you can also pack them and eat them cold for lunch.

Macros (per burrito)

  • Protein: 16 g

  • Fat: 5 g

  • Carbohydrates: 35 g

  • Energy: 250 kcal

Ingredients (makes 4)

  • 500 g - 1.1 lb (liquid) Egg whites

  • 30 g - 1 oz Grana Padano Cheese (or other cheese like Mozzarella or Parmesan)

  • 150 g - 5.3 oz of your favorite Marinare sauce *

  • 150 g - 5.3 oz Corn starch

  • Fresh herbs (basil, parsley) to taste

  • Salt to taste (use liberally)

* The marinara sauce gives these burritos their flavor. Chose one with that bit of extra fat/flavor. Bolognese is a good choice. The pasta sauce I used was ~ 100 kcal per 100 g - 3.5 oz.


  1. Mix the egg whites with maizena and fresh herbs, add salt liberally.

  2. Mix everything with a (immersion) blender, until smooth.

  3. Preheat a pan on medium high heat, add a bit of butter or cooking spray. Add a large scoop of batter, to form a big 'pancake'.

  4. Wait until it's golden brown on one side. Don't put the heat to high or it will burn. Bit of patience!

  5. Flip the ‘burrito’ and add a few tablespoons of marinara sauce (1/4 of total).

  6. Add the cheese and let it melt.

  7. Transfer the burrito to a plate and fold it (see images above).

  8. Chop of the end (yumm..directly into your mouth to try it!)

  9. Serve direct or store in the fridge for later use.


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