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3-Minute High Protein Frozen Strawberry Yogurt

Updated: Jul 1, 2018

When I find a recipe that tastes amazing and takes no time at all to make, I'm over the moon.

I'm absolutely in love with this recipe for 3 big reasons:

1. It's has only 3 ingredients and takes less than 3 minutes to make.

2. It's high in protein and has < 250 kcal per serving.

3. It's insanely delicious!

What are you waiting for? Try it!

Macros (total)

Protein: 23 g

Fat: 10 g

Carbohydrates: 28 g

Energy: 290 kcal

Ingredients (makes ~ 2 servings)

250 g - 8.8 oz Whole Milk Greek yogurt (plain)*

250 g - 8.8 oz Strawberries, frozen

Zero-kcal sweetener to taste (I used pure sucralose powder).

*Fat free yogurt or cottage cheese does also work here, but yogurt with a bit of fat does give it that delicious creaminess.


1. Use a (strong) blender or immersion blender.

2. Mix the frozen strawberries, Greek yogurt and sweetener to taste.

3. Blend until smooth. Add more sweetener if required.

4. Enjoy immediately!


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