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High protein: Chocolate frozen yogurt

It's summer! That often means you'd often like to eat ice cream, but also like to show your hot beach bum.

Solution? Chocolate frozen yogurt with 16 g protein.

No fan of chocolate ? (is that even possible?)

There are many more varieties to experiment with, as you can see below.

You can use 0 % (Greek) yogurt, but the fat content in the yogurt gives it that extra bit of creaminess.

Dutch recipe can be found here

English version below:


250 g - 8.8 oz 5 % Greek yogurt

2 Scoops (60 g - 2 oz total) Whey protein powder, chocolate flavor

1 – 1,5 tbspn Cocoa powder, unsweetened

150 g - 5.3 oz (~3/4 glass) unsweetened Almond milk *

Zero calorie sweetener to taste

*or any other milk.

Macros per portion (1/4 of total)

Protein: 16 gram

Fat: 6 gram

Carbohydrates: 4 gram

Energy: 127 kcal


1. Combine the yogurt, protein powder, cocao powder and almond milk in a bowl or blender. Mix everything well with a (immersion) blender.

2. Add sweetener to taste. The amount depends on the sweetness of your protein powder and personal preference.

3. Official version: Place the mixture in the fridge, until it starts to form icy flakes (after ~30 minutes).

Scrape the ice of the edges, stir everything well and place back in the fridge until every bit is frozen.

4. Lazy version (slightly less good structure but much easier): Let the mixture completely freeze (~2-3 hr) and then (partly) thaw.

5. Scoop out the frozen yogurt with an ice scoop.

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