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Best high protein cheesecake

You can find thousands of recipes online, but recommended recipes are the most valuable ones. They are often already tested and are 9 out of 10 times destined to become ‘winners’.

That’s why I love it when others (friends, readers and clients) recommend their favorite recipes to me.

This particular recipe that was recommended to me by a client the other day, made my day. Here’s what my client said:

“I just tried making a cheese cake with this recipe [link] and even though I halved the amount of quark from 1kg to 500g, it was REALLY good. Best “protein” cheesecake recipe I’ve tried.”

A great compliment, since this is my own recipe!

(My client of course couldn’t have known, it doesn't state that it's mine.)

I’m sure I made this cheesecake over 30 times, tried different protein powders, more/less eggs, adjusted baking time, experimented different toppings, etc.

The final result: a great low calorie cheesecake with a stunning protein content. Which is an awesome alternative for all the fat and sugar loaded ones that you find in the stores that contain probably not even half the protein.

So don’t worry when you’re on a diet, you can still eat cheesecake..every day.

Head over to Bayesian Bodybuilding to see the recipe.


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