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Sanne Leenman

Online personal trainer.

Nutrition coach.

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Nutrition coaching

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About me



  • BSc.

  • NASM certified CPT

  • Introduction to Psychology - Oxford

  • Positive psychology - Yale

  • Psychology course - Monash

I am Sanne Leenman.

In addition to my NASM personal training certification, I successfully completed several courses on psychology at Oxford and Monash University and Yale University.

I travel a lot  internationally to give seminars and clinics in the field of ​​nutrition, training and mindset. I have spoken, amongst others, for the Oxford and Cambridge Alumni Association, Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences and S.Q.U.A.T.S India. I am also a Worlds qualified WBFF competitor.

As a coach I am looking for persons who want to be strong both physically and mentally! I am an evidence-based coach. All my coaching decisions on fat loss, muscle growth, a good mindset and long-term results are based on reliable research.


My greatest strength lies in a personal and driven approach.


I really like to get to know you, create a personal bond, but also give you a motivational kick in the butt when you need it.

Once you start with me we form a little team: together with you I will strive for maximum results!

With the drive to become better, strength training and a powerful mindset you can achieve what you dream of and as a coach I want nothing more than to help you accomplish this!

  • Online personal training

  • Nutrition coach

  • Meal planning

  • In-depth mindset coaching

  • Strength training design

  • World's qualified WBFF World's competitor

  • International public speaker

  • Elite consultant S.Q.U.A.T.S. India

  • Board member INFS India

  • Recipe designer Menno Henselmans

  • Author 'Hungry no more' and 'Protein pleasures'.

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As featured in

The blond
S.Q.U.A.T.S. India
Menno Henselmans



Eleen VendeVielle

Pharmaceutical channel manager

"I've always dreamed of building a lean and beautiful physique, up to 6 months ago I thought this impossible. [..]


Six months later I'm a very happy person.

Stronger than ever before, already 6 months medication free and on the right path to reach my personal goal!!" 


Devin Ford

6x Crossfit regional athlete.

CrossFit gym owner. Ceator of PerformaFuel.

"Sanne is an absolute lifesaver. I am a nutrition coach and even I have a hard time putting together meals that not only taste gourmet quality but are also super easy to prepare.


Her meal plans have all the fiber, micronutrients, and fat balance that I need AND is actually very simple to prepare and cook, which is huge for me always being on the go. 

I have gotten meal plans from her numerous times and will not be stopping any time soon."

James McDonald

Former Professional Lacrosse player.

NSCA-certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist 

"Sanne's a rarity in her field. She combines a very research based approach with a laid back and healthy demeanor that makes her delightful to work with. She also practices what she preaches at the highest level from a nutrition and training perspective. I would recommend Sanne to athletes, fitness enthusiasts or folks that need to kick it in to high gear. She is phenomenal."

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